Mourning Captain America

Captain AmericaToday, I’m mourning the death of Captain America. No, I’m not a comic book collector. I mourn the loss as a blow to Patriotic America

The death of Captain America comes as a part of Marvels “Civil War” series, in which super heroes are being forced to register with the government. The so called “registration act” is an obvious allusion (albeit an extremely convoluted and misinformed one) to the Patriot Act. In the story Captain America leads the opposition to the forced registration, leading us to assume that the duty of a “real patriot” is dissidence, and the “real enemy” of our time is the USA Patriot Act.

To see the agenda behind the current Marvel storyline, one needs look no further than head writer Mark Millar. Miller wrote a graphic novel in 2003 that imagined what Superman would have been like if he had crash-landed in the Soviet Union rather than rural Kansas. He made said this about the project in a 2004 interview:

I was fortunate enough to have pitched this idea in a period when America still believed in freedom of speech. This isn’t a slight at the publishers in any way because they gave me no resistance whatsoever, but it’s clear that something like this would be a harder sell in the perpetual state of war and fear that’s been engineered in the States by the un-elected junta sitting in the Oval Office…

Like the Bush administration, Superman absolutely believes he’s doing the right thing when he steamrollers over all these weaker states and enforces a global ideology on the human population. However, we as the reader get nervous at the blurred lines between his utopia and the totalitarian state we see in the book, and which we seem to be heading for in real life as the US constitution is torn up before our eyes.

Captain America was created during WWII by artist Jack Kirby and writer Joe Simon as the anti-nazi, punching Adolf Hitler in the face in a 1941 issue of the comic book.

“It’s a hell of a time for him to go. We really need him now,” said co-creator Joe Simon, 93, after being informed of his brainchild’s death.

Captain America survived his battles with the Nazi’s but could not avoid falling victim to a liberal agenda which obviously fetishizes and romanticizes martyrdom. The Captains death in Marvels Civil War series says little about the state of American politics, but speaks volumes about the American left.



Today, I am mourning the death of Captain America, not the character but what he once represented. It was not merely a fictional comic book hero that was felled by a snipers bullet, but that last vestige of American Patriotism from a by gone era the met its demise, sacrificed at the alter of leftist ideology.



Thanks to Allahpundit from Hot Air for allowing me to “borrow” some of his research.


10 Responses to “Mourning Captain America”

  1. Iggy Says:

    Captain America IS a liberal, you moron.

    You obviously AREN’T a comic book fan. He represents the REAL America, which you right-wing fascists are trying to kill.

    YOU’RE the Red Skull.

  2. Marlin Says:

    Maybe I’m naive but I never read that far into the comics. The registration thing has been a storyline in the X universe for some time as far as I know. Could it correlate over to the patriot act? Not really in my opinion, nothing in the patriot act requires the registration of potential terrorists. Could both be classified as a broad over-reaction? Maybe.

    That comic author is just another sheep being hand fed and blindly led by the powers that be. Politicians in general are the problem, there simply aren’t enough leaders in Washington to take this country in any direction – and I include the guy I voted for twice in that equation.

    As for the last guy to comment, Captain American could technically be a classic Liberal which aligns more with modern Conservatism than anyone really cares to admit.

    Can’t just ignore problems or talk them away, sometimes we need to kill people and break things (the purpose of any military) to get the job done. Just the same, if it takes the death of a comic book superhero to get some attention on what *may be* (not *is*) a possible road to tyranny, then I say lets get rid of wonder woman next. That invisible jet always pissed me off.

  3. The Four Color Media Monitor Says:

    More publicity stunts from Marvel, with Capt. Amer

    Once more, it seems that we have a publicity stunt upon our hands. And yes, it’s an insult to a famous character and his fans too. In a New York Daily News exclusive, we’re told that Steve Rogers, Captain America, is going to be killed:

  4. Rachel Miller Says:

    It’s the comic book world, I am sure they will find away to bring him back, the New Captain America!

  5. Joe Says:

    As a long time comic book reader I feel the need to speak about this as well. I only stopped reading comics about 2 years ago when my hobby started getting a little out of hand and cost too much. Cap’s death is a devastating loss not only to comics but to America. If there ever was a time that we needed our comic book heroes to stand up for Justice in the world it would be now. For as long as I can remember Superman and Captain America stood up for our country as true heroes. No matter who you were you recognized these icons as a symbol of national pride. Marvel comics should be ashamed of themselves. I’m am so glad that I stopped reading when I did because obviously the industry is being led by communists now. The Marvel House of Ideas has now turned into the House of Ideologies. I used to believe that all kids should read comic books because of characters like Captain America. These characters allowed children to believe in the greater good and that there was never a reason to fear the bad guys. Apparently the left that indoctrinates our schools now indoctrinates our comic books as well. Honestly, what is next? Will G.I. JOE go rougue as mercenaries to the highest bidder and ally with Destro and Cobra Commander in the war on terror? Come on people, the last thing we should ever do is destroy our heroes!

  6. max rebo Says:

    I read this over at huffington post:
    and I have to say I agree with him. Captain America still stood for all of those ideals, Truth, Justice, the American way, but America doesn’t stand for that anymore.

    I mean, Captain America didn’t join the terrorists in this storyline, he stood for freedom. Benjamin Franklin once said, essentially, that one who would give up a little freedom for a little security deserves neither. Cap was taking a long held American ideal and he paid the ultimate price for it. He was a martyr and it was a good thing.

    He represented an America the conservatives have taken away from us…

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