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Mourning Captain America

March 8, 2007

Captain AmericaToday, I’m mourning the death of Captain America. No, I’m not a comic book collector. I mourn the loss as a blow to Patriotic America

The death of Captain America comes as a part of Marvels “Civil War” series, in which super heroes are being forced to register with the government. The so called “registration act” is an obvious allusion (albeit an extremely convoluted and misinformed one) to the Patriot Act. In the story Captain America leads the opposition to the forced registration, leading us to assume that the duty of a “real patriot” is dissidence, and the “real enemy” of our time is the USA Patriot Act.

To see the agenda behind the current Marvel storyline, one needs look no further than head writer Mark Millar. Miller wrote a graphic novel in 2003 that imagined what Superman would have been like if he had crash-landed in the Soviet Union rather than rural Kansas. He made said this about the project in a 2004 interview:

I was fortunate enough to have pitched this idea in a period when America still believed in freedom of speech. This isn’t a slight at the publishers in any way because they gave me no resistance whatsoever, but it’s clear that something like this would be a harder sell in the perpetual state of war and fear that’s been engineered in the States by the un-elected junta sitting in the Oval Office…

Like the Bush administration, Superman absolutely believes he’s doing the right thing when he steamrollers over all these weaker states and enforces a global ideology on the human population. However, we as the reader get nervous at the blurred lines between his utopia and the totalitarian state we see in the book, and which we seem to be heading for in real life as the US constitution is torn up before our eyes.

Captain America was created during WWII by artist Jack Kirby and writer Joe Simon as the anti-nazi, punching Adolf Hitler in the face in a 1941 issue of the comic book.

“It’s a hell of a time for him to go. We really need him now,” said co-creator Joe Simon, 93, after being informed of his brainchild’s death.

Captain America survived his battles with the Nazi’s but could not avoid falling victim to a liberal agenda which obviously fetishizes and romanticizes martyrdom. The Captains death in Marvels Civil War series says little about the state of American politics, but speaks volumes about the American left.



Today, I am mourning the death of Captain America, not the character but what he once represented. It was not merely a fictional comic book hero that was felled by a snipers bullet, but that last vestige of American Patriotism from a by gone era the met its demise, sacrificed at the alter of leftist ideology.



Thanks to Allahpundit from Hot Air for allowing me to “borrow” some of his research.