EU To Step Up Anti-Death Penalty Campaign

Where does the EU get off assuming it can interject itself into the justice systems of other UN member states and set the standard for just punishment?

This from Deutsche Welle:

 The European Union has vowed to  step up efforts aimed at a global ban of the death penalty in the wake of the recent executions of former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein and two of his aides

German Justice Minister Brigitte Zypries said on Tuesday the bloc was planning to submit a resolution to the United Nations to put the moratorium on the agenda of the UN General Assembly.



“We all believe that the death penalty is something that should be rejected,” her colleague, German Interior Minister Wolfgang Schäuble, told reporters after informal talks with his and Zypries’ EU counterparts in the eastern German city of Dresden.


I find it funny that what spurred the EU’s most recent zeal for it’s anti-death penalty crusade was the hanging of Saddam Hussein and his two henchmen, as if the deaths of three war criminals illustrated the injustice of capital punishment.


And for to love of God can we please stop referring to the accidental beheading of Barzan Ibrahim al-Tikriti as a “botched execution“? Your death is instant weather your neck snaps or you are decapitated by the rope…just ask Saddam. A “botched execution” would be if someone’s head caught on fire while being electrocuted, missing the vein in a lethal injection or requiring a second stroke in a beheading.


For the sake of clarity, I oppose the death penalty domestically. However, I believe exceptions should be made for convicted war criminals and dictators.


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