Terrorist Chic at Urban Outfitters

This one hits me close to home because, I’ll admit, I shop at Urban Outfitter. I’ve been aware of their politics for some time but this one takes the cake.

Urban is marketing a so-called “anti-war scarf” which looks suspiciously similar to the keffiyeh, popularized by Arch-Terrorist Yasser Arafat, and a favotire accessory of the terrorist Hamas organization.

I’m very diasapointed. I was alway willing to overlook the obvious liberal agenda of Urban Outfitter because CEO Richard Hayne is a staunch republican, but this one goes too far.

Feel free to shoot them a complaint.

update-3.jpg Urban has pulled the Anti-War keffiyehs. From the Jerusalem Post:

The scarves, also sold on-line, were priced at $20 in several different color combinations as part of Urban Outfitters’ Spring Fashion women’s accessories range. “Due to the sensitive nature of this item, we will no longer offer it for sale,” a notice on the Web site stated. “We apologize if we offended anyone, this was by no means our intention.”


4 Responses to “Terrorist Chic at Urban Outfitters”

  1. seejanemom Says:


    I’ll rush right out to the Georgetown store and by them all. They would make great diaper covers.


  2. Steph Says:

    Did you know that not only terrorists wear these scarves? Our own US military currently wear them to protect their faces from sand…the original use of the garment. Go ahead…do some actual research and look it up. It’s called a keffiyeh.

  3. rizzuto Says:

    Oh yeah Steph, Urban Outfitter has been known to take it’s fashion cues from the United States Military and not the kind of liberal douchebags who throw them on their faces on college campuses during Hamas solidarity marches.

    You’re telling me to do research, meanwhile you didn’t even read the post…”Urban is marketing a so-called “anti-war scarf” which looks suspiciously similar to the keffiyeh”.

    Please read the post before making comments. Thanks.

  4. Marna Says:

    I’m doing an article for my course about Keffiyehs and what they mean to people and I need to ask, why are you so against Urban Outfitters labelling them “anti-war scarves”? Do you actually see Yasser Arafat as an “Arch-Terrorist”? Is this because you are anti-palestine or pro-Israel or for another reason entirely? I’m curious to know because I’d like to gather as many opinions on the subject as possible.

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