Pace University Blocks Obsession Screening

ObsessionPace University has bowed to the objections of Muslim students and threatened Pace Hillel (Jewish Student Club) with action if they screen the widely acclaimed documentary “Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West”.

From this mornings New York Post:

Michael Abdurakhmanov, president of Pace Hillel, said two deans warned that showing the documentary film would implicate club members as suspects in two hate crimes involving the desecration of the Koran at the university’s lower-Manhattan campus last fall.

Ok, pause it right there…how can screening a film implicate someone in a completely unrelated incident? The Story continues:

Hillel had planned to screen “Obsession” during Judaism Awareness Week in November. The school stepped in after receiving complaints from Muslim students that the film negatively portrayed Islam.

Had the Muslim students actually ever seen the movie they would have noticed the statement at the beginning which states clearly that it is a documentary about radical Islamic fundamentalists and not Islam as a whole. That aside, so what if the movie negatively portrayed Islam? Is freedom of speech restricted to only that which is agreeable to Muslims? Will Pace University also restrict or attempt to stop the screening of Jesus Camp? Of course not. The hypocrisy runs so deep. 

Of course Pace is denying it all, but this is just more of the same from the free speech suppressing university system.


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