Gas Smell in New York City: Kos Kids Point Fingers

I smelled it on my way to Sirius this morning in the subways and thought nothing of it. The smell was also pretty strong in the building itself. Just for your amusement, here’s some of the highlights from the Kos Kids:

  • It seems like a leak. I am most concerned about the people breathing this and what effect it will have.Even after we KNOW for sure that this was a leak the MEDIA will run it into the fucking ground. They will start their fear mongering about gas attacks and Bush and co. who most likely ok’d the “leak” will drive it all home just in time for his speech.

  • I was thinking this too that Bushco could have had a cloud seeded with the harmless gas smell additive to create a panic in order to gain a more receptive audience for his renewed call to wider war. Maybe I’m too cynical but I don’t put anything past this crowd of criminals.

  • The pancake and syrup smell that enveloped Manhattan on 28th October, 2006, came as the USA had 2 carrier strike groups and 2 expeditionary strike groups poised and primed near the Persian Gulf.This gas smell incident today comes a day after it was revealed that Israel has advanced training and preparations for airstrikes onIran’s nuclear facilities. Once again we have two carrier strike groups and two expeditionary strike groups near the Persian Gulf.I have no idea if the smell incidents are related, or if the pancakes & syrup incident was a test of some kind for a later smell incident or what. I also can’t put black ops/false flag operations past the Bush administration as Cheney has said any further terrorist incident will be an excuse to attack Iran whether it was involved or not.Really mysterious. My tinfoil hat itches.

They never fail to amuse me…


2 Responses to “Gas Smell in New York City: Kos Kids Point Fingers”

  1. seejanemom Says:

    Nicely done on the Uncle Tom Wiki. You sneak. 🙂

    Have you choked to death up there yet?

  2. Karol Says:

    I don’t smell anything!

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