Democrats to Bog Down Government With Excessive Hearings

This is what a political party does when it is elected without a coherent platform. This from the Associated Press:

Over the next few weeks, Senate Democrats plan to hold at least 11 hearings just on Iraq. In the House, one of the Democrats’ most dogged investigators is waiting to spring his committee on a different mission – suspected government fraud.

From the war to environmental policy and secret surveillance, the Democrats who now control both the House and Senate are armed with subpoena power and ready to summon panels of witnesses. 

Well this is a surefire way to move the country forward. But this paragraph says it all:

The outburst highlighted the limited options Democrats have on redirecting policy in Iraq. Short of cutting off money for the war – a step Democratic leaders say they will not take – Congress has little recourse but to agitate publicly against Bush’s strategy.

These hearings are the only tricks the Democrats have in their bag. As a matter of fact, it’s been the only trick in their bag since losing power in 1994…agitate and act the part of the contrarian. Their strategy will be to drag as many names through the mud as possible. Watch for an increase in indignant sounding Democrats on the nightly news as they do so because they’re going to milk this for all it’s worth.

Two years of this people…two years…


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