Steyn: Blowing a ‘hinge moment’ of history

Mark Steyn puts it all in perspective in eloquent terms in yesterdays Jerusalem Post:

Whatever one’s views on capital punishment, that’s not what it’s about. Hardcore dictatorships have to be not just politically but psychologically liberated. When one man is so murderously powerful, incarceration cannot suffice – because as long as he lives there will always be the possibility that he will return. After all, we’re talking about someone who by definition has never been bound by any of the other restraints – personal, moral, religious, constitutional: why should a court sentence prove any more effective? When a dictator has exercised the total control over his subjects that Saddam did, his hold on them can only end with his death.

Read the whole treatment here. I’m officially making exceptions for dictators and mass murderers on my death penalty stance.


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