Ethics Shmethics!


Here’s one for the hate to say I told you so file:


The Democrats taking over the U.S. Congress this week are promising sweeping changes to ethics and lobbying laws, pledging to clean up after a spate of corruption scandals under Republican rules.

So far, however, their proposals are not as comprehensive or far-reaching as changes already adopted by many states.

Democrats in both the House of Representatives and the Senate are proposing new restrictions on gifts, meals or trips paid for by lobbyists. They say they plan for the first time to require lawmakers to disclose their sponsorship of the pet items known as earmarks that they insert into major spending bills.

Meanwhile, several states, responding to the national scandals as well as their own imbroglios, have already adopted more sweeping gift and travel bans, broader measures to end the central role of lobbyists or government contractors in financing campaigns, and new forms of public campaign financing aimed at reducing lawmakers’ dependence on big donors.

Big freaking surprise. Notice the extremely superficial rhetoric coming from the left concentrating on earmarks, while the most heinous problems in the congress, namely lobbyist money goes unaddressed. The earmark talk just serves to placate the base while the Dems keep sticking their hand in the lobbyist cookie jar. 

Should we have expected anything less from the party that holds Jack Murtha in such high regards?


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